So Many Blogging Conferences – Which Do I Choose?

So, I love conferences. I love social media. And, I love learning.

Ever since Blissdom, I’m all about attending conferences. It renewed my excitement. You can read more about that experience here.

But, I’m not working – the babies still need me focused on them.

No work means less extra spending money to go around. And, I have to be selective when I choose a conference now. I’ll definitely go to Blissdom every year. And, I really like Bloggy Boot Camp. This year, I’m adding Declare to my list of conferences (and hopefully even Allume!)

But, I kind of wish there was a conference I didn’t have to leave home for.

Guess what?

There is!

Check out this conference: The Social Online Conference. I don’t know much about it, except that it’s an online conference for blogging and social media lovers. And, right now, they’re having a giveaway for a free ticket. So, if I can go for free, and I don’t have to leave home… sounds like a winner to me!

And, you can enter too. So, good luck – maybe we’ll sit at home and attend together!


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