To all the Moms I’ve Loved Before…

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day. The day we officially celebrate all the moms we know. It’s only my second ‘official’ Mother’s Day as a mom (to living children), and I’m happy to be called ‘mom’ – even though right now it’s just ‘mama’ and they just started saying it.

But, I’m celebrating my mom and the other ‘moms’ in my life too. And, I’ve got quite a few…

MomObviously, my birth mom. She’s the woman who gave me life. The one who held me for the first time. The one who I favor when my eyes sparkle with excitement. She’s the one who I got my work ethic from; my need for adventure; my love of animals. She’s the one who sacrificed many meals so I wouldn’t go hungry; staged up late so I’d have company when I was sad, upset, or just wanted to talk; made sure I knew how to balance a check book and change a tire. She’s my first, my blood, my constant.

Then, there’s Carol. She is the mom of my childhood best friend. She took me in as her own when I spent many hours at her house trying to escape mine (aka the teenage years). She was my first glimpse of what my mom would have been like if she wasn’t busy being both mom and dad. She is kind; compassionate; and one of the most Godly women I know. She’s the reason I got into church; was encouraged to learn to like who God made me; part of the reason I thought I wanted to marry her son. She was the example of what I wanted in a mother-in-law.

In college, there was Donna. She was a mom to me in addition to her four kids. I was just one of them. Had dinner every Sunday with them after church, hung out at Christmas, and spent time just chatting. She modeled parenting with ease, but reminded me to wait until I was ready – not just ready – but until I had the husband God had in mind for me too. She helped instill my love for teaching; shared my passion for kids and baking; and made it easy to feel at home while away from mine.

BettyAnd, Betty, my mother-in-law. I couldn’t have hand-picked anyone better for this role. She makes me feel like I was born to her rather than just married to her son. She treats me as an equal and has from day one; exemplifies the type of wife and mother I want to be; teaches me something new each day. She’s always looking for ways to make my life easier, but never lets me get off too easy. She tells me like it is because she cares too much not too, and she never let’s me forget the things she knows I’m good at. She’s just another reason I’ll be married to her son forever.

Susan, my marriage mentor and now forever friend. She took Craig and I under her wing; made us look at each other through God’s eyes; showed us how a marriage could and should be. She spoke at our wedding and makes sure we love during hard times. She loved on us like we were her own and still makes an effort to be in our lives despite our crazy schedules. She prayed without ceasing for our precious preemie babies; stood by our side when we lost Carter; and loves on survivors when she can. She is an amazing woman of God that I’m lucky to have in my life.

There are many more ‘moms’ who have influenced me in ways that have had an effect on me as a woman; a wife; a mother. Too many to credit I’m sure. But these five stick out the most and I wanted to honor them today. Love you mom, Carol, Donna, Betty, and Susan!



  1. awesome post! you are so blessed to have so many “moms”!!

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