I May Have a Cupcake Problem

I have a problem. A cupcake problem. I can’t help it. I call it my nicotine, because I swear it’s that addicting. Here why… based on a recent Facebook post of mine.

cupcakes 1

So, it’s pretty sad when one of your friend’s children refer to you by this name: Bayden’s Mommy Cupcakes. Haha.

…And another friend says that she may have to come visit Houston just so you can take her to eat them because she’s never had ones she really liked and that you’ve convinced her it is possible.
…And yet numerous others tag you in posts about how cupcakes are just muffins with the icing licked off so they’re healthy, and some other random memes.
…And how people pretty much know where to find you on Tuesdays because you center play dates around them and the people at your friend’s cupcake shop know you a little too well.
…And when people deliver them to you more than they do flowers or when you’re stressed they immediately ask if you’ve got a good supply of cupcakes.
…And several friends post ‘hate’ statuses because you’ve made them not only crave them, but give into it.
…And family you haven’t seen in years welcomes you with their city’s most famous cupcakes.
…And you make it a point to take your foreign exchange student to all the best cupcake shops in town.

The list could go on. I’m sure I’m missing a few. Hey, I can’t help it if I like cupcakes! 

Yep, I have a problem. A cupcake problem. Sometimes, I have 4-cupcake-kind-of-days. I’ve even written posts about it. And there’s a tab on this website – this website that has nothing to do with food – to show you all about my cupcake love.

See. It’s a problem.

Here are some recent images my friends have tagged me in or added to my wall to prove their points…

cupcake 1 cupcake 2

cupcake 3

What about you? What’s your nicotine?


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