PRINTABLE: 7 Ways to Spend 7 Days on Bed Rest

As an incentive for people that bought my new eBook, Beating Bed Rest, early, I created this printable as a thank you gift. But due to the interest in the printable, I’m making it available for everyone!

7 Ways to Spend 7 Days on Bed Rest is a look at how women on pregnancy bed rest (or any bed rest really!) can spend their days, broken down into 7 days. Each day of the week has a theme and idea for how to spend that day. The activities are easily repeatable, so you’ll never be bored!

And, now, you can buy the printable, even if you don’t get the book, although I highly recommend the book too as it’s full of great information about how to survive bed rest.


Bed Rest Printable
Bed Rest Printable
Download. Print. Enjoy.

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