Do Baking & Loss Go Together? (aka: Time for a Change)

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I’ve been doing some thinking lately. I think it’s time for a change.

I love my blog and the direction it’s been going since I started it back up in March 2013. It’s grown tremendously and I am pleased with the fact that I am a voice for the loss community.


I want to be more.

I don’t only want to write about loss.

Sure, I want to help those that are grieving; show them that it’s possible to move forward and survive after tragedy. But, I also want to talk about cupcakes and how they make me very, very happy.

And I want to talk about my survivors and what I do to help them overcome the hurdles that come from being premature. And about all the things I’ve done to make living my life easier.

I still want to continue with the Loss Mom Interview Series (see the first post here to learn more about it) and bring light to the darkness of child loss. And I want to help people who don’t know what loss is like be able to better understand. That’s why I’m still writing my next book, Loving on a Loss Mom, which will be out in late fall.

But I’ve also gotten the opportunity to partner with some awesome brands and bring you content that’s a little more fun and current to what I’m going through now. Content like my favorite recipes that I turn to when I’m stressed, or a sensory project I worked on with my survivors, or a great tip or two of how we manage our day to day lives. And, let me tell you, there are some awesome things out there to help me with this – and I can still be real while doing it.

Don’t misunderstand me… I don’t want to be all sunshine and rainbows and fluff. But I also don’t want to become that person; that girl that only talks about loss.

And I still want to be me – authentically me. I still believe that the most important thing you can do is Blog Your Truth.

In fact, I’ll be starting a series about that exact thing on Oct. 1st (well, technically Sept. 30th). For 31 days, I’ll be blogging every. single. day. to help you learn how to blog your truth. Come back next week – you won’t want to miss out. Better yet – subscribe to my site and you won’t miss the updates!


I hope you’ll stick around and that you’ll appreciate the changes I’m making. And, please. Be patient. It’s a journey – and I’m likely to change my mind a few times on the way…

See you in a few days!



  1. journeysofthezoo says:

    I too had Triplets (identical boys, girl) who will be 4 in December.

    At 25w5d, Alexander’s water broke. I was on hospital bedrest until 30w3d. I remember their birth like it was yesterday.

    All was great until Alexander contracted NEC at 9 days. It ended up killing him. It wasn’t supposed to. Eight days later, Artemis got sepsis. She survived by the skin of her teeth.

    There should be a “free pass” system. If you lose one child, you’re done for life. As I’m sure you’re well aware that life isn’t always fair.

    I look forward to getting caught up on your little ones.

    Besos, Sarah
    Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo

    • Sarah, I am so sorry for your loss. Our stories actually sound very similar. My Carter also ruptured prior to delivery and I stayed on bed rest for an additional 19 days. He ultimately died from pneumonia, but Braden got NEC, and Tenley had contaminate meningitis and we almost lost her. Crazy the experiences we’ve had, huh?

      I’ll check out your blog – and also, I’ll be reaching out to see if you’re interested in contributing to the loss series here on the blog.

      Hugs! Angela

  2. I think the added content will be great for all of your readers as well as a new group of readers who will soon find their ways here. The fact is, you are a loss mom, but you are also a mom of two twins and a lover of cupcakes and a wife and a friend and the list goes on. You are still being authentic in your posts even if you are writing about a sensory tool you’ve used or the awesome date night you had because let’s face it…we need date nights. And you’ll be authentic when you eat 50 cupcakes during preemie lockdown because you’ve gone stir crazy!!

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