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Loss Mom Special: Remembrance Day - Day 15 of the 31 Days Of Blogging Your Truth series

Today is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. The whole month of October is set aside as Awareness Month, but today is special.

Today is a day where loss moms, and those remembering with us, create a wave of light across the globe to honor our lost children.

To continue with my 31 Days Of Blogging Your Truth series, I wanted to share part of my truth about my loss with you, as I have on certain days throughout the series thus far. In fact, today would normally be a loss mom interview, but since today is a special day, I felt we needed to honor it as well.

So, I’m hoping you’ll join me tonight at 7p.m. in your time zone. To do so, you just need to light a candle from 7-8p.m. If everyone does this, there will candles lit all around the world! When you light your candle, I hope that you’ll think of my son Carter and all the other children that have left us too soon.

Here’s what my candle looks like…

Remembering Carter

I wrote two other articles today on the sites I guest blog for that I’d like to share with you instead of writing up something here.

To learn how you can help a mom of multiples that loses one or more of her multiples, read my post over at How Do You Do It? A Blog for Moms of Multiples.

To read about infant loss in general, this month and why it’s so important, and to see a few different ways you can lend support and remember your lost child or a friend’s, read my post over at Thirty-One:10.

Tell me… who will you be remembering today? Mention their name in the comments below so others can be thinking of them, too, as they light their own candles.

I’ll be back tomorrow, where we’ll get back to more ways to blog your truth with how there are opportunities to be found in failureIf you’d like to read more of the series, you can click on the button below. It’s also the best way to share the entire series so no one misses anything!



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