If You Speak with Love & Grace, You’ll Win Every Time

You'll Win Every Time if You Speak with Love & Grace - 31 Days Of Blogging Your Truth

How are you feeling so far about Blogging Your Truth? Have you learned anything helpful? I hope so… yesterday we covered the importance of finding the opportunities hidden in your failures. Today, I want to talk about delivery.

Delivery is an important component of Blogging Your Truth. Why? Because when you are being truthful, it can sometimes come across as harsh or hateful or bitter. And no one likes a bitter blogger.

Certainly, that’s not our goal (unless we’re one of those enviable, bad-ass bloggers who we can’t help but love because they’re just so… honest). And if we don’t want to be a hater ourselves – the very same people we just talked about ignoring – then we need to be careful of our delivery.

You must blog your truth, but you must do so with love and grace. Let’s define these words for our purposes:

Definition of grace and love as it applies to blogging your truth.

Keep this quote from Bill Cosby in mind when you’re blogging your truth…

If you speak your mind and if it is true what you’re saying, then I think the integrity of what you’re saying carries through. ~Bill Cosby

That means, if you’re being truthful – and doing it in the right way – it’ll show through. If not, people will see that, too.

By speaking with love and grace, you’ll do amazing things.

You’ll melt anger away. You’ll inspire others. You’ll change someone’s opinion. You’ll reach new audiences. You’ll get people to listen. You’ll impact the blogosphere in a good, lasting way.

And, you’ll win every time.

You must speak your truth, but remember to do it with love and grace.

Consider this:

Fear is not in the habit of speaking truth; when perfect sincerity is expected, perfect freedom must be allowed… ~Tacitus

I agree… if we are going to blog our truth, we need to have the freedom to do so. But with this freedom, we get to choose how we deliver our truth. That’s solely your choice.

Stay tuned… tomorrow I’ll be sharing a few examples on how you can still blog your truth while speaking love and grace. For more of my 31 Days series, click on the image below.




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