Learning to Shut Out Fear

Learning to Shut Out Fear - Day 2 of the 31 Days Series

One of the first principles of learning to blog your truth is learning to shut out fear. No one wants to put themselves out there – tell their story – and risk, well, everything.

Maybe your fear is that you’re not good enough, or that no one will comment on your post. Or that your no different than anyone else, nothing special. Or that someone will think differently of you.

Fear is the static that prevents me from hearing myself. ~Samuel Butler

For me, what my fears always have to do with is how my posts and my story will be received. I’m in a weird place where grief and faith meet, and sometimes, it makes me look like I’m not all that sad that I lost my son. And when I write about it, well, that makes people look at me differently, right?

All these moms that have lost children and are grieving them so deeply, they must be judging me and thinking how I’m not that good of a mom. I wrote a whole post about it here.

The truth is… that’s why it’s my story. Because it happened to me, I went through it, I experienced it, and I am sharing it. My story is going to be different than any other loss mom because I’m a different person.

Opening the Door to Your Fears - And Then Learning to Shut Fear Out!

And that, that is why I have to shut out my fears and just write.

I also sometimes fear that I’m going to push away my Christian audience because I can be a little, well, blunt. Brash even. I have a dry humor and I use it in poor taste sometimes. But, that’s me. And I’m okay with it.

So, I may drop a cuss word here, or share very personal images to get a point across, or laugh at myself and write about what bed rest was really likeAnd that may offend some people.

But I can’t let the fear that it will – the fear I have that I will lose a few readers or hurt my chances of getting picked up by a Christian publishing house – change me.

I need to shut out fear and take control. I need to write my story, my way. That’s how I’ll help others, and it’s the only way I can blog my truth.

Erase Your Fears - Shut Them Out

Tomorrow, I’ll be asking you about your fears and giving you some tips on how to identify them and concur them so that you can start blogging your truth. Be thinking about that… and be sure to come back.

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