My Truest Truth – Celebrate Carter

Day 30 of Blogging Your Truth - Celebrate Carter

We’re almost done with the 31 Days Of Blogging Your Truth series… have you read them all? We’ll wrap up the series with a recap tomorrow, but first…

I want to talk to you about my truest truth. The reason I blog.

To Celebrate Carter.

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When my triplets were born at 27 weeks and 5 days gestation, I knew they were at risk for not making it. For having lasting issues. For a whole slew of scary things I didn’t necessarily want to face.

But I also knew that my faith would get me through. That my family would hold me up. That the babies were in good hands with the doctors.

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And when we lost Carter after 49 days due to complications from prematurity, I also knew I was forever changed.

Things would never be the same. My survivors would have several surgeries and month of NICU time before coming home. And they’d come home to multiple doctors appointments and therapies each month for several years.

I’d have to stay home and give up working because they needed me – they needed to become my job.

And I knew that I couldn’t get caught up in my grief – I had to move forward.

hanging out with my survivors

So I chose to celebrate. I celebrated both of my survivors and every small step they made towards their milestones. I celebrated every possible good thing that presented itself. I clung to hope. And faith. And I kept celebrating and seeing the positive.

Even when it came to Carter.

I chose to celebrate him. His life. The time he was here. The time I did get to spend with him and the fact that I did know him and all the ways that was true.

I celebrating the miracle I was allowed to witness in my children even surviving. The fact that we got pregnant at all after three years of struggling. And I celebrated the only time I got to hold Carter – the day he died.

carter held - celebrate carter

I felt him take his last breath. I felt his tiny heart stop beating. I felt the sting of tears as the doctor so lovingly coaxed him off to heaven when words failed me.

And I celebrated. I celebrated that I even knew him at all. That I have 3 children, and not just 2.

triplets - celebrate carter

My husband and I continue to celebrate him in everything we do. That’s why we created a fundraiser that’s about to kick off it’s third year of raising funds for the loss community and organizations that help parents who have lost children or are dealing with high-risk pregnancy issues like bed rest, multiples, or NICU time. It’s why we’ll be an official non-profit next year.

Because we choose to celebrate.

And this… this is my truest truth. And I hope you see that in everything I do. Every blog I write. In everything about me.

I also hope you’ll consider joining us on November 15th as our fundraiser kicks off with an online shopping catalog with over 40 vendors selling items and then giving a percentage of their sales to our fundraiser. You can learn more about it on our facebook page or by going to our website.

I’ll see you tomorrow for the 31 Days Of Blogging Your Truth recap and wrap-up. Until then…



  1. This post is very meaningful to me. I hope you’ll take the time to read it and comment on it. <3

  2. Jennifer Ross says:

    I read your post Angela … It is wrapped in true love and beauty that you hold for your precious boy, Carter. <3

    Thank you for sharing his life, and being a voice for those who struggle to share …

  3. always remembering your precious Carter.
    cannot wait to see the online catalog.
    love you, friend.

  4. <3 Carter <3

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