What Do You Fear Most?

What Do You Fear? (Day 3 of the 31 Days Series)

Fear does funny things to us. It holds us back from being who we’re meant to be. It keeps us in bad relationships. It lets others go before us and reap the benefits.

So, how do you shut out fear? Yesterday, I talked about what I fear and why it’s so important to let go of it. I talked about how shutting it out has made me a better blogger, not to mention person.

Now it’s your turn.

Shutting Out Fear - 31 Days Of Blogging Your Truth

What do you fear most? I’m not talking about spiders or deep bodies of water, although those are legitimate fears. I’m talking about the fear that holds you back from telling your story. The truth of your story, not just the pretty stuff.

The fear that keeps you from commenting on a blog post that you can so relate to, but doing so would mean someone would know your secret.

The fear that when you hit publish on a post, it’ll go viral – or it won’t.

The fear that your thoughts will bring out the ugly people. Or that what you have to say won’t matter.

Yep, those fears.

But how do you get over them? How do you shut them out?

  • Identify the fear that’s holding you back. How will you know which one (or more) it is? Usually it’s the thing that makes you look at another blogger and go, wow. Because that wow is your fear saying, ‘I could never do that’ or ‘I’m not as good as they are.’ Sometimes, it’s the feeling that you can’t shake. So, if you keep going back to a topic or post or part of your story you feel you just need to write, but haven’t gotten brave enough to do so, then that’s an indication of your fear.
  • Process the fear and determine why it’s something you fear. Before you can overcome a fear, you have to face it. You have to realize that it exists, but you also have to determine why. Is your story one that is unique, that many people haven’t experienced, or one that many have? Is it a taboo topic or one that is controversial? These things can make blogging more difficult, mostly because of potential audience issues. So if your fear is that you’ll lose readers (like one of mine was), then this could be why you haven’t written about it.
  • Tell your fear to shut the hell up. Yes, talk to it. Yell at it. Shut the door in its face. But, don’t ever apologize for it, or open the door back up to let it back in. Because shutting out fear is how we beginning blogging our truth. And blogging our truth is how we help others – and ourselves.

Shutting Out Fear - 31 Days Of Blogging Your Truth

So take those fears and bowl them down with a little bit of courage, and you’ll be on your way to blogging your truth. Join me tomorrow for the next step, Ignore Haters.

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  1. Love this, Angela. We do have to fight fear in order to write so so many times.

  2. A huge stumbling block for me is the fear that I will be rejected if I reveal the real me (fear in real life and in blog life.) It’s funny – the posts that usually get the best responses are ones in which I ignore the fear and just write about whatever I’m thinking and feeling. And people (friends and family, mostly) who read those posts tell me that they appreciate my honesty and vulnerability. I think what I have to say could help someone else, and I’m working up to writing some posts about a sensitive topic. We’ll see.

    • Girl… you can do it!!! You’re right about the ones that are hardest to write are the ones that feel better to write AND get more traction. 🙂

      • Well, I’ve got a few hard posts to mix in with my other 32 Days posts, which have been on the lighter side. Thanks for the encouragement!

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