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If you’re here from Thirty-One:10 for the Make N Take craft instructions download,
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Two years ago today (11/9), I was put on bed rest in the hospital. Twenty-three and a half weeks pregnant with triplets and highly at risk for going into pre-term labor, I was confined to a bed for the next four weeks. On December 9th, my babies arrived! Early, but blessings none-the-less.

We’ve been through a lot since then, and we’re still making strides. I can’t tell you how proud I am of them!

They’re close to walking, but aren’t quite there yet. He’s super smart, inquisitive about everything, loves to watch football with daddy, cuddles with us – and the cats and dogs, and talks up a storm – even if no one understands what he’s saying. She’s a little further behind due to all her brain trauma, but she’s made amazing strides. She’s the sweetest thing – constantly looking after her baby (that she takes everywhere), cuddling with us and anyone who’ll pay attention to her, and if there’s a book nearby – you’d better read it to her.

We’ve endured a lot of doctor’s appointments and therapies and it’s been so worth it. I’ve even put my Special Education background to good use, making my own sensory activities to help the work through their lasting sensory aversion to certain things.

In fact, I even had a party with the girls just for this purpose! You can read all about the party by clicking on the link, but I also want to share some of the activities we made. Who knows, they may help your child! You can also find more ideas on my Pinterest page.

Download the craft instructions now.

Okay, off to enjoy the day with my almost-two-year-olds! Be sure to check back soon – there’ll be an awesome post about their birthday party and how we’ve made it super special this year because it’s the first time they’re actually getting to have a party.

Until then, tell me… do you do crafts to help your kids learn?



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