Wrapping Up the 31 Days Series

31 Days Of Blogging Your Truth Wrap Up

Yes, I realize we’re into our second day of November, but… well, you know how things get. 🙂 Let’s just say, all that matters is that we made it! I posted something every day in October, plus a few extras, even if I didn’t get them done on time.

I’m still okay with that. 

So, now that we’ve learned about blogging our truth and why it’s so important, let’s just start by wrapping up a few things. I want to make sure you truly walk away from this with the knowledge to move forward and begin blogging your truth. If you didn’t read any other post, read this one.

For my truth and to set an example, I blogged about my Celebrate Carter fundraiser that honors my lost triplet, I shared my photos from the #CaptureYourGrief photo challenge, we continued the Loss Mom Interviews, and I did a few other things that fit me.

Then, I covered 10 Ways to Blog Your Truth, which you can also find on this free printable here that will make a great resource. As a bonus, we talked about how to incorporate brands into blogging your truth.

blog truth always - 31 Days wrap up

Here’s the 10 ways, each with a little recap of what I think it the biggest takeaway for you:

  1. Shut Out Fear – Fear holds you back from blogging your truth. Identify it, Tackle it. Writing your truth is more important than your fears because it’s how you’ll make a difference and truly connect with people.
  2. Ignore the Haters – Not every one is going to like you. Don’t let what others say determine your worth or drive you away from blogging your truth. Ignore them.
  3. Own Your Story – Your story is unique and it needs to be told. No matter what it is, own it. Be proud of it and where you’ve come from and gotten to.
  4. Be Authentic – You can’t share your truth if you aren’t being authentic. You don’t have to tell every story, but you do have to tell it honestly when you do.
  5. Use Your Message for Good – By blogging your truth, you’ll be using your message for good because others will learn they’re not alone.
  6. Find Opportunities in Failure – Failure can be scary, but it can also make you a better person. Learn from your mistakes and use them to make you more relatable to your audience.
  7. Speak Love & Grace – When you do get haters, or even when you’re blogging your truth and it may involve someone else, be sure to speak kindly. You will be the bigger person and your audience will see that.
  8. Be Open to Opinions – Opinions, as long as they aren’t delivered by haters, should be important to you. You don’t have to change your views, but being open to the opinions of others will take your blog to a new level and your readers will respect you more.
  9. Share the Good, Bad, & Ugly – Nobody wants all sunshine and rainbows. Give your readers the bad stuff too – the stuff you aren’t good at. Be honest about who you are.
  10. Write the Hard Stuff – it appears I miscalculated in my planning and completely left this day off. Okay, so let’s just chalk this up to #6 and say that all of it was hard stuff. 😉 The point is… people need to talk about the hard stuff too. We need to know it’s okay to talk about infant loss or cancer or being overweight or addiction. Think about how you felt the first time you read a blog that you connected with – not alone, right? Exactly.

I hope you benefited from this series and that you’ll be visiting from time to time. Remember, you can still share the series by clicking on the image below and sharing the link to the entire series. Just use hashtag #BloggingYourTruth when you do!




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