Use Your Words: How Writing Helps Me Heal

I received a copy of Use Your Words in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own. Almost two months. That’s how long I’ve been away from blogging. Okay, not ALL blogging, but here. In this space. In my space. I’ve been slacking off. For good reason though… You see, I recently took […]

You’re Talking About Me: A Lesson in Compassion

No pictures this time; no quotes. Just truth. Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Amy Winehouse. Kurt Kobain. Asher Brown. Adam Lanza. James Holmes. You may know these names, you may not. The first set died from drug addiction. The second from suicide. The third set after gunning down innocent people. And they all have something in common. […]

{Review} Isaiah’s Story: It’s about more than just loss

{Review & Giveaway!} – I received a free copy of Isaiah’s Story in exchange for my honest opinions. One of the positive things that has come out of being a loss mom is the other moms I connect with. It doesn’t matter when or how our children left this world – we all felt their […]

What Valentine’s Day and My Lost Son Have in Common

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and although it’s not my favorite holiday, it is an excuse to do my favorite thing… Nope, not that. 😉 I L.O.V.E. Chocolate. All kinds. Chocolate with mint, chocolate with peanut butter, chocolate with caramel… you really can’t go wrong. So, I’m going to share a simple, no-bake treat I […]

Get Organized! Reviews of Planners I’ve Tried + My Top 10 Tips

I received some of these planning materials for free in exchange for my honest opinions. These links are not affiliate links and all opinions are my own. I’ll admit it. Despite my superb organizational skills in the business world, I fail in this arena personally. Keeping up with my house and family responsibilities has always […]

How Holding My Dying Son Became My “WOW” Moment

Getting married. Having a baby. Traveling to a foreign country. Going sky-diving. All of these could be WOW moments. And, they are pretty amazing moments in my life. But, there is no WOW moment that tops the moment my son died. That’s not a joke. I know it may not seem like a WOW moment, […]

No Excuses: Everyday I’m Hustlin’

It’s January 5th… Have you already broken your resolutions? Not me. I didn’t set any. Instead, I picked one word to focus on for the year in all I do. As part of that, for cycles of 30 days, I’m going to hustle. Not the bad kind of hustle… the ‘get off my rear and […]

Can One Word Make A Difference?

Happy New Year! I can’t believe it’s 2014 already… that means my kids have been a part of my life for 2 years, and that’s amazing to me. It also means I’ve been back at this blogging thing for almost a year. What have I accomplished since then? Well, not as much as I would […]

How Did That Happen? Turning Two & Other Scary Things…

Yes, two. My babies are two. A few days ago, when I realized they were turning two, I panicked. I don’t know how this happened. From the moment they came storming into my life way too early to this moment now, time seems to have escaped me. Infertility. Prayers. High-Risk Pregnancy. Bed Rest. Premature Birth. […]

Celebrating Milestones & More

If you’re here from Thirty-One:10 for the Make N Take craft instructions download, the link is at the bottom of this post. Two years ago today (11/9), I was put on bed rest in the hospital. Twenty-three and a half weeks pregnant with triplets and highly at risk for going into pre-term labor, I was […]