Beating Bed Rest

Bed rest is an essential part of a high-risk pregnancy.
Once you’re told it’s time, you need to take it seriously.

But no one ever told you it would be like this…


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“What a fun, sarcastic guide of the need-to-knows of bed rest!”
Chrissy Bernal, author of Sienna’s Locket

“A true, encouraging, and entertaining look at what to expect… I wish this was around when I was on bed rest.”
Kathleen Cummings, mom of triplets who beat bed rest for 24 days

“Despite never making it to bed rest because I delivered early, reading this might have scared me into taking it easier & given me something to read while kicking my feet up to take a break!”
Natalie Cherry, mom of triplets who delivered the day before her bed rest was scheduled to start.

headshot new cropABOUT THE AUTHOR

Angela Bickford is the mother of triplets born prematurely at 27 1/2 weeks. Although she suffered the loss of one of them at 49 days old, she is a woman of faith who aims to celebrate his life and help others experiencing similar situations. Passionate, authentic, and sometimes funny, Angela shares about life, loss, and finding the faith to overcome. She blogs on her website, AngelaBickford.com, speaks at blogging conferences and loss events, and is working on her second book, Loving on a Loss Mom. She also writes over at Thirty-One10.com, a Christian women’s blog and HDYDI.com, a blog for moms of multiples.


“Everything you didn’t know you didn’t know about surviving bed rest.”
Chrissy Bernal, author of Sienna’s Locket

“An easy, quick read that works for the short attention span you’ll have while on bed rest.”
Kathleen Cummings, mom of triplets who beat bed rest for 24 days

What you will find in Beating Bed Rest

  • The story of how I beat bed rest

  • The experiences of other moms who endured bed rest

  • Ideas for how to cope with your stay

  • Resources for you and your family

  • Scripture verses to pray over your time on bed rest

  • Funny anecdotes on what bed rest is truly like

  • And more!

In writing about the highs and lows of bed rest, it is my hope that you’ll find some relief from your long days and loneliness. Whether you’re reading about the horrors (like bed baths!) or the hidden gems (like being waited on hand and foot), this book is sure to give you a laugh or two.
~Angela Bickford, author

Who is Beating Bed Rest for?

  • A newly pregnant mom who wants to prepare herself for the possibility of bed rest

  • A mom who’s on bed rest at home and might be put in the hospital

  • A mom already on bed rest in the hospital

  • Family members of a mom on bed rest so they can see it from her side

  • A mom who has already had children and just needs a good laugh or reminder of that time in their life

  • Any one with a sense of humor!

It’s time to take back control (well, what little you will have on bed rest)
and claim an attitude that says, 
‘I can beat bed rest!’

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