Terms of Service


PayPal is the main form of payment I accept. If you continue on as a client, then checks are accepted under certain circumstances. Customers that do not have a PayPal account can still pay invoices securely by using a credit card directly through the PayPal website.

Payments are due based on the type of project. For most design projects, payments can be made once you have approved your proof but before we place the print order. For a majority of projects, however, payments are due either up front or half up front and half at the completion of the project. Payment schedules will be determined by me and at the quote stage of your project.

Communication is essential during the project phase. Due to my limited time, if you fail to respond to emails and do not attempt to make contact for more than 45 days, all payments already made will be forfeited to me. If you decide to resume your project after this occurs, it will be at my discretion and additional charges may apply.

Turn-Around Time

A timeline for your project will be given during the quote process. For most projects though, you can expect it to take less than a week unless there are several customers in front of you. Each additional edit needed can add to this timeline, but most projects fall within this time frame. For printing jobs, once ordered, the product takes anywhere from 3-5 business days to arrive to your door.

Remember to pay close attention to your email, as that is my main way of communication. If I have sent a proof or replied with an edit, your response time is not included in our total turn-around time. If you take longer than 48 hours to respond, this could result in a delay in your project as customers who are in line will move ahead of you in the queue.

Design Work

For any work that involves designing on my part, revisions are likely to occur. You are billed hourly, and this includes email time and edits we make to your project. It also includes search time, which is any time it takes for me to search for stock images, etc. for your project. Keep in mind that the more you provide up front and in way of an idea of what you are looking for, the less time your project will take and the less time you will be billed. Every project is billed a minimum of an hour, however.

You will be asked during the quote process if you are comfortable with me purchasing stock photos on your behalf. These range in price between $10 and $30 depending on the image. I am able to alter these somewhat to fit your design, and you will retain the image for future projects. If you agree to have me search for images, you will be billed for these images and must pay for them before your completed items can be passed on to you.

For any projects I complete for you that you send design elements for, you are agreeing that you either own or have permission from the rightful owner to use any elements (graphics, photos, designs, trademarks or other artwork or text you provide).


If you are not using my design services, but are printing through me, it is best to request a template for your designer to use that complies with my printers. If you do not, you are accepting that your print project may not come out accurately and that I will do my best to fit your design into my printing templates.

You will see a proof before we got to print, and whether you are designing through me or not, acceptance of your proof is agreeing that it is, in fact, print ready, and that you accept all responsibility for any typos or design element issues that you are not happy with upon receipt. If the printed product does not meet your standards for reasons that are not related to my design, I will work with you to fix the situation.


Every design I create is considered my intellectual property and I retain the copyright. As the client, you are able to use the completed designs for your purposes, but will not have access to the original files for altering. If you require an original file, such as for a logo, you will be charged accordingly and this will be included in your quote.

I do not include a watermark or trademark on any printed designs, but ask that you refer me to your friends if you are happy with my work.

I reserve the right to use your design in my portfolio and for other promotional purposes.

All written works are also considered my intellectual property and must include my name and bio, including a link back to my site if applicable. This does not apply when hired for ghost-writing purposes, but the fees for those services are higher.

I reserve the right to use the written works in my portfolio, on my blog, and for other promotional purposes.


Privacy is very important to my customers, and because of that, it is important to me. Depending on the nature of your project, especially for social media and website projects, I may need access to certain account information. This information will not be shared with anyone for any reason and will only be used to fulfill your project requirements. If you are concerned about this in any way, I suggest that you change your passwords temporarily while we are working together.