Get Organized! Reviews of Planners I’ve Tried + My Top 10 Tips

I received some of these planning materials for free in exchange for my honest opinions. These links are not affiliate links and all opinions are my own. I’ll admit it. Despite my superb organizational skills in the business world, I fail in this arena personally. Keeping up with my house and family responsibilities has always […]

How Did That Happen? Turning Two & Other Scary Things…

Yes, two. My babies are two. A few days ago, when I realized they were turning two, I panicked. I don’t know how this happened. From the moment they came storming into my life way too early to this moment now, time seems to have escaped me. Infertility. Prayers. High-Risk Pregnancy. Bed Rest. Premature Birth. […]

Road Trip Fun and the Little Cuties

We’ll be just getting back from our first (hopefully) fun-filled road trip vacation by the time you are reading this, and I can’t wait to share my thoughts on how to take two 17 month olds on a 16 hour car drive. Will it have been brave, crazy, fun, or all of the above? I’m […]

To all the Moms I’ve Loved Before…

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day. The day we officially celebrate all the moms we know. It’s only my second ‘official’ Mother’s Day as a mom (to living children), and I’m happy to be called ‘mom’ – even though right now it’s just ‘mama’ and they just started saying it. But, I’m celebrating my mom and the […]

A Real Mom with Real Problems

I’m a mom. A mom with real problems. I’m not perfect by any stretch of the imagination. And I suspect you aren’t either. If there was an award for real moms like us, surely you or I would win. Here’s what makes me real and why I could totally be called the Real Mom of […]

Can You Stand the Cuteness?

Okay, it’s a little bit of an indulgent title, but I figure since I’ll be blogging about my family and our loss in detail, you should probably get an introduction to the littles… When the babies were born at 27 weeks and 5 days gestation, they only weighed about 2 pounds each. To put that […]