Wrapping Up the 31 Days Series

Yes, I realize we’re into our second day of November, but… well, you know how things get. 🙂 Let’s just say, all that matters is that we made it! I posted something every day in October, plus a few extras, even if I didn’t get them done on time. I’m still okay with that.  So, […]

Capture Your Grief Days 24-31

It’s time for the final images from the Capture Your Grief series. It’s been an amazing experience, and it felt right to end it on a Tuesday – the day I would normally do a loss mom interview – but of course – I’m late again. If you missed the last 31 Days post, be […]

My Truest Truth – Celebrate Carter

We’re almost done with the 31 Days Of Blogging Your Truth series… have you read them all? We’ll wrap up the series with a recap tomorrow, but first… I want to talk to you about my truest truth. The reason I blog. To Celebrate Carter. When my triplets were born at 27 weeks and 5 […]

How to Incorporate Brands into Blogging Your Truth

Did you reflect on yesterday’s post about the different ways you could blog your truth? What did you come up with? Don’t forget to go back and tell me in the comments. For today, I want to touch on one more important aspect of being true to yourself as a blogger. When I started back […]

Are There More Than 10 Ways to Blog Your Truth?

So far this month, we’ve covered 10 ways you can blog your truth, I’ve shared some of my own truths through the loss mom interview series and the #CaptureYourGrief photo series, and we’ve (hopefully) reflected and learned a lot. Today, I want to ask a question… Are there more than 10 ways to blog your […]

Capture Your Grief Photo Series Days 16-23

It Capture Your Grief time again. With October being National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month, I knew I wanted to participate in this photo challenge. You can see my photos from days 1-8 here and days 9-14 here. Day 15 had it’s own special post for Remembrance Day. Now it’s time to share the past few, […]

The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly – Which Do You Share?

Well, I did it again. Missed a few days. Hey, you’ll see why in Day 30 of this series, but for now, let’s ignore that Day 23 never happened (it was a #CaptureYourGrief day, and I’m just adding those images in with the other ones later). Let’s jump into Day 24 and 25 – a […]

Loss Mom Interview Series: Author Jennifer Ross

It’s Tuesday again, and time for another loss mom interview. Today, we’re interviewing author Jennifer Ross. I’m so glad I connected with her because like me, she’s writing her story down for the world to read – her book is now available for pre-order on Amazon! You can connect with her on facebook or twitter […]

Opinions Matter – And Not Just Your Own

So, admittedly, I’ve gotten 20 days into the 31 Days challenge and finally couldn’t do it any more. I missed Day 20. And I’m late on Day 21 (it is going live right before midnight my time, so it still counts, right?) Anyhow, welcome back to the 31 Days Of Blogging Your Truth series. I’ve […]

How Love & Grace Can Still Be Truth

There’s a lot to be said for blogging your truth. It heals, it helps, it… hurts? Yes, sometimes. But, if you deliver it with love and grace, it hurts less. Before reading on, see yesterday’s post where I gave the definition of love and grace for our purposes and also talked about how you’ll win […]