A Real Mom with Real Problems

I’m a mom. A mom with real problems. I’m not perfect by any stretch of the imagination. And I suspect you aren’t either. If there was an award for real moms like us, surely you or I would win. Here’s what makes me real and why I could totally be called the Real Mom of […]

A Self-Interview (Texas Women Bloggers Link Party)

So, I’m now part of the Texas Women Bloggers community, which is pretty awesome if I do say so myself. The first order of business? I have to do a self-interview and link-up with other members so we can learn about each other. I figured, why not, this would probably be fun for my regular […]

Dear Infertile Self

Look at my babies. My beautiful, surviving triplets. You would think that I have my happy family; one boy, one girl (plus an angel in heaven to watch over them). What you don’t see is the three years it took to get them here. Or the fact that I’m 1 in 8. Here’s what I […]

Can You Stand the Cuteness?

Okay, it’s a little bit of an indulgent title, but I figure since I’ll be blogging about my family and our loss in detail, you should probably get an introduction to the littles… When the babies were born at 27 weeks and 5 days gestation, they only weighed about 2 pounds each. To put that […]