How Did That Happen? Turning Two & Other Scary Things…

Yes, two. My babies are two. A few days ago, when I realized they were turning two, I panicked. I don’t know how this happened. From the moment they came storming into my life way too early to this moment now, time seems to have escaped me. Infertility. Prayers. High-Risk Pregnancy. Bed Rest. Premature Birth. […]

Loss Mom Interview Series: Kasey

Tuesdays are normally the days I put up a Loss Mom Interview Series post. During the 31 Days Of Blogging Your Truth, I am continuing to do so… why? Because this is their truth… these women who have lost children… and they are sharing it with you. Today’s interview is with Kasey. I don’t know […]

The Edge of Grief

Grief is a very unique and personal thing. It’s different for everyone. I’m not sure how I got to the point I am now. The place where I seem happy, like I’ve moved on. I’m not sure how or why I’m able to be a light to others in their darkness. Sometimes, I find myself […]

Loss Mom Interview Series: Bonnie O’Brien Al-Rifai

I met Bonnie O’Brien Al-Rifai when she took my family’s first Christmas photos. We connected over Carter’s loss and she shared she had just had her first miscarriage. I think we must have sat for hours that day talking – she and her husband, me and mine. They are an awesome couple, and we still […]

Celebrating the Moms who Aren’t

Whether you yourself are a bereaved mom, a woman dealing with infertility, or a friend of someone who wants to be a mom, read this. Read it. Share it. Today is International Bereaved Mother’s Day. It’s a day that was set aside in 2010 to honor moms who have lost a child, whether it be through […]